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RAEM1 Signal triggered IOT AE system

Signal trigger and time trigger signal acquisition, suitable for pulse and continuous acoustic emission signal acquisition

  • Dynamic range 70dB
  • Sample accuracy 16bit
  • Signal input bandwidth 10K-1000KHz

【Main features】It has the function of multiple data storage methods.

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January 2021,our IOT(Internet Of Things) AE(Acoustic Emission) products,RL1 and RAE1,were published on the AEWG( Acoustic Emission Working Group) Newsletter.... 2021-01-18

May 18, 2022 to participate in the 63rd Acoustic Em

Our company participated in the meeting o AEWG-63 held in Houston from May 16 to 18, 2022. AEWG-63 adopts the form of remote online conference. It mainly discussed the application of AE in any field, as well as the progress in AE foundation, sensing a... 2022-06-09
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QingCheng AE Institute (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd (QCAE) (previous name: Beijing Soundwel Technology) has been specializing in the research and development (R D), production and technical application services of acoustic emission (AE) testing system, ultrasonic flaw detectors, ultrasonic thickness gauges and other testing instruments since 1998. Our companys Research and Development team has the ability to develop sensors, and electronic measurement software and hardware. In terms of acoustic emission...